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Our members plan and lead: day rides; overnight rides; and the occasional multiple day adventure ride. 


All members are welcome to join in and ride along for as much, or as little, as they choose.  Anyone can plan and lead a ride.

While there is no formal schedule of rides for the year, generally it can be expected that there will be a ride put together nearly every weekend during riding season, when the weather cooperates.  We hope everyone will step up to lead a ride, or at least select a destination, sometime during the season.  That would certainly fill our weekends with rides.  In addition, we will list on our calendar the major events of the Posse member organizations, to offer options for those who may wish to participate.

We do have several annual rides:

-- Pirate Memorial Ride - remembering Pirate members, family & friends who are now forever riding in the wind and saluting all the fine folks that have served our great country, past & present.  Saturday & Sunday of Memorial Day weekend to Savanna, IL.

-- A week long vacation trip to wherever the leader chooses, generally in July.

-- Fall Color Ride. 


The Pirates favor safe riding.  In that spirit, drinking alcohol, beyond a drink or two at an extended food stop, is discouraged.  As a group, we do not ride just for the sake of stopping at a bar for a drink.  We may stop at a tavern for a meal, but it is expected common sense will prevail.  Anyone thought to have had too much to drink will be asked to not continue the current ride with the group.  At the end of the riding day, however, when all vehicles are parked until the next day... ... ... ... ... .. .

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